Isle of Wight runner Jessica Martin has announced she is retiring from athletics.

Jessica, a former Sandown High School student, pulled out the 10,000 metres womens race at the IAAF World Championships at the London Stadium on Saturday night (5) with six laps to go.

She made the surprise announcement following the race.

Jessica starred for Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympics setting a new personal best time.

In a statement, Jessica, 24, said:

She added:

“I made a decision a little while ago to decide to retire at the moment.

“I say at the moment because a year ago I wouldn’t have said I would retire, but now it’s a decision I feel is right for me and I feel there is a lot more in my life that I want to do apart from running.

“I don’t feel that I’m doing the sport justice for myself and my family.

“My husband is a professional cyclist and I feel that now I’m going to be the best wife and the best supporter I can be to him and I’m very excited for so many things we have in our future together.

“I’m feeling a little bit tired and a little bit sorry for myself but I’ll be fine.”

Jessica has been inundated with messages of support following her announcement.