The remains of a luxury boat destroyed by fire in Ryde have been removed this afternoon (Friday).

A crane has been used to lift the charred hull of the 38ft motorcruiser out of the harbour.

Picture by Graham Reading

Firefighters were called to the harbour just after 1.30pm when the vessel – Poetic Justice – caught light sending thick plumes of black smoke into the sky.

Ryde Rescue and Bembridge Coastguard were also involved in the emergency response.

Picture by Graham Reading
Copyright Graham Reading Photography
Aftermath of Boat Fire – Picture by Graham Reading

The Isle of Wight Council said yesterday:

“It is the opinion of the fire service – that most of the diesel that escaped from the vessel was burnt off, and therefore, the risk of marine pollution is minimal. As a precaution, absorbent materials were used to capture any further diesel that may have been released.

“The council is currently communicating with the owner of the boat and their insurers to enable a swift plan of action for removal of the vessel from the harbour.

“The pontoon adjacent to the fire has been badly damaged, so will need to be replaced, which will restrict capacity within the harbour in the short term. The council is currently seeking quotes and checking with insurance providers about when this can be undertaken. “