Following today’s (Thursday) announcement that the Floating Bridge is to be taken out of service on Monday (4 September) Councillors and residents have been telling Isle of Wight Radio their thoughts on the ‘solution’.

Isle of Wight Council Leader, Dave Stewart

David Stewart is the man behind the decision to pull the Chain Ferry out of service, along with fellow Councillor Ian Ward and the Chief Executive of the Council.

The Leader of the Council said he is limited in being able to say when people can expect a full service to return, and can’t guarantee that it will be done by next week or next month. He continued:

“my view on this is that we need to take this bridge out of service, and get this sorted once and for all. We as a council have a commitment to deliver on this, it’s our duty now to sort this out, and i think the best way to do that is to get it out.”

The Councillor for East Cowes was “shocked” about the decision. Karl Love said:

“I didn’t know that there was any intention to take out the Floating Bridge. it’s just a continuing catalogue of failures which affects the town’s people hugely. I can only hope that if they are going to take it out of service, they take it out until such time that they have solved all the problems. The people of East Cowes have been let down again.”

Councillor Ian Ward

Councillor for Transport and Infrastructure, Ian Ward, explains the Council’s role in matters going forward:

“We hope to be able to get the various parties to come to a conclusion and resolve the matters that are making the service inconsistent. In a way its leaning on them to say ‘come on, lets sort it out’. There’s nothing we can do about it; its something they need to do about it.”

Meanwhile, Cameron Palin spoke to Isle of Wight Radio on behalf of East Cowes Community Organisers:

“we appreciate the Isle of Wight Council has finally listened to what the  businesses and residents have been – it is not fit for purpose. Now the Council needs to give immediate help for the East Cowes businesses whose turnovers are 10 to 44% down due to this bridge’s problems and being out of service. there needs to be Medina crossings 5.30 am to 12.30 am. be it launch or floating bridge until this is fixed.”