The Isle of Wight Council won’t be bringing back the old Floating Bridge

The original Cowes-East Cowes chain ferry was replaced with a new £3.2m vessel, which was taken out of service earlier this month.

Since the decision, there have been calls to reinstate the old Floating Bridge, but the Isle of Wight Council has told Isle of Wight Radio it’s not an option:

“It would not be feasible to bring back the old floating bridge as the north chain has been moved 1.8 metres to accommodate the new wider floating bridge. Altering the infrastructure back to the way it was would be cost prohibitive and would require various new consents for the works.”

The owners of the old Floating Bridge have approached the Council to consider options:

“The owner of the old bridge has enquired if the council would be interested in leasing it back, but the reasons as to why this would not be feasible have been explained to him.”

It’s not yet known how long Islanders will have to wait until the new Floating Bridge will be reinstated.