“You Have To Get Your Life Back Together”: Funeral For Isle Of Wight’s Stephanie Slater

VW Camper Van tribute to Stephanie Slater at her funeral

A woman who rebuilt her life on the Isle of Wight, after being kidnapped by a man who was later convicted of murder, kidnap and extortion, will be remembered today (Thursday).

Stephanie Slater was just 50 years old when she died a fortnight ago, after a short illness.

In 1992, the estate agent was attacked with a knife, tied up, and taken from a house in Birmingham, as she was showing a man around a property.

For more than a week, she was imprisoned by Michael Sams, who she described as a “trainspotter from Newark”, in what she described as a “coffin” “inside a wheelie bin”.

She was later freed and, years later, Stephanie drew on her experience to teach police officers how to deal with the victims of crime.

Isle of Wight Radio’s John Hannam spoke to Stephanie Slater in a candid and sometimes disturbing interview. You can hear her in full, in her own words, here, but please note that this interview which may be upsetting for some listeners.