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Apple has unveiled the iPhone X – pronounced iPhone 10 – its premium smartphone which showcases new technology, including an edge-to-edge display, wireless charging and facial recognition security.

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Prices will start from more than £999 in the UK – more expensive than in America.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook revealed two other phones that upgrade its current range -the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – at the event in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s headquarters in California.

Apple has dropped the iPhone’s iconic home button, which has been present on every device since the first iPhone released in 2007

The technology company’s other new products include the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 4K TV.

Product Price Pre-order date Shipping date
iPhone X 64GB: £999. 256GB: £1,149 27 October 3 November
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus From £699 and £799 15 September 22 September
Apple Watch Series 3 £329 without cellular, £399 with 15 September 22 September

But what do you think? Are you an Apple addict and will you be buying the new iPhone 10?