Volunteers have cleared hundreds of pieces of litter from a beach on the Isle of Wight

A team has been helping to survey and clean Shepherd’s Chine beach for the Marine Conservation Society ‘Great British Beach Clean’.

In just a 100m radius, the group collected 676 pieces of litter, mostly plastic, from the beach, with even more pieces picked up in the overall clean.

One of the volunteers, Sarah Marshall says there was a mixture of rubbish collected:

“The main pieces we found in the survey were plastic bottle lids and plastic pieces as well as fishing rope. In the overall clean we found many plastic bottles/large oil containers and fishing crates. other frequent finds were straws/sweet wrappers cotton bud sticks.”

Some of the plastic straws found during the beach clean.

Government needs to “act quickly”

Sarah says she thinks a plastic bottle refund scheme would help to reduce the amount of litter on our beaches:

“The number of plastic bottles would surely decrease if the government were to act quickly and implement the a plastic bottle refund scheme as in Scotland.”

She added we all have a role to play in waste reduction:

“Many of the other bits of plastic could be reduced if we all looked to change our own habits such as refuse straws and using re-usable water bottle. Supermarkets need to do more to help us reduce the amount of single-use plastic we encounter in our everyday lives.”

The team is appealing for more volunteers. If you think you could spare some time to help clean up our coast, contact Sarah Marshall here.