A CGI image of what the Care Home Group think the hotel will look like. after renovation.

A former hotel in Shanklin could soon be transformed into a five star retreat dedicated to caring for people in their ‘later years’ – and it’s the first of it’s kind to do so.

The 1970’s Auckland Hotel on Queen’s Road was family-run for years, until it closed it’s doors. The site has now been taken over by the Care Home Group – it says a regional office will be set up shortly in Shanklin to recruit a team to deliver ‘premium quality care’ services to the hotel as well as ‘care at home’ services to local communities across the Isle of Wight.

The group has submitted a planning proposal to spruce up the ‘dated’ exterior, and plan to open in time for the 2018 season.

What the Auckland Hotel used to look like.

If the plans are accepted new terracing, glazing and disabled access will be installed – and the property’s former 32 bedrooms will become 26 larger rooms.

How the new bedrooms could look.

Care Home Group’s CEO has said:

“We are delighted to add the Auckland Hotel to our development portfolio and excited to unveil our plans for turning it into a luxury resort that reflects the needs of our ageing population.”

Sean Murray continued:

“Many of us will need regular care and support in our later years. When we do, taking a holiday break – or perhaps finding somewhere to convalesce after illness or a hospital stay – can be difficult to arrange or daunting to organise. We plan to create a luxury environment where guests can enjoy their time with us with the peace of mind of knowing that all their needs – however complex – will be catered for by our team during their stay, and that we will be there to help them enjoy all that the beautiful Isle of Wight has to offer.”