Yarmouth Bridge

Island Roads will be carrying out “essential” maintenance work to Yarmouth Bridge soon

After an inspection earlier this year, it’s been decided an ‘end-stop’ needs to be replaced (the part which makes sure the ends of the swing span are aligned when the bridge is closing).

As Island Roads will need to close the bridge on between 9 am and 4 pm on 2 October, the work had been delayed to avoid clashing with the busy tourism season.

The bridge could also be closed the following day (3 October) in case the work cannot be completed on the 2nd as hoped.

Drivers will be able to follow diversions and pedestrians will still be able to cross over the bridge. However, it won’t be possible for certain vessels to pass underneath whilst the work is ongoing.

Island Roads structures engineer Victoria Keefe said:

“We will be looking to undertake this work as quickly as possible and are hopeful we will be able to complete the work in a single shift but have set aside a second day in case that is not possible.”

She added the work is necessary:

“This work is essential to ensure the bridge continues to operate efficiently and we thank residents and road users in advance for their understanding.”

The alternative route for traffic during the works will be; A3054 BridgeRoad, River Road, Tennyson Road and Bouldnor Road, B3401 Thorley Road, Wilmingham Lane, B3399 Newport Road, A3055 Afton Road, School Green Road, Tennyson Road and The Avenue (via the local diversion currently in place) , A3054 Colwell Road, Hill Lane and Halletts Shute.

Light traffic up to 6ft 6in in width can also use Hooke Hill, Copse Lane and Pixley Hill.