Isle of Wight Festival has been dubbed the ‘coolest’ festival in the country

The survey of more than a thousand 21-37-year-olds from across the UK found people also think the Isle of Wight is a good place to meet attractive people.

The report from Eventbrite – the world’s largest event technology and ticketing platform – asked Millennials what they thought of various music festivals across the country.

The ‘edgiest’ festival is Download and Glastonbury is the best for looking good on social media.

Nichi Hodgson, a journalist and dating app consultant who was asked to study the report, said:

“Millennials are pickier about where they go. They’re more aesthetically conscious than people have ever been.

The Instagram generation, the fact that they want to take a picture of everything they do means they have higher standards for venues, concerts, festivals. The way that festivals have come on in the past ten years has been incredible. Nowadays you expect an immersive experience.”

The ‘Brighter Futures’ study also found that Millennials would rather spend their last £10 on food than at the bar, suggesting people in this generation aren’t wanting to drink as much alcohol. This is partly due to being more considerate about health, as well as people wanting to enjoy themselves and remember as much as they can about the festival.

Islanders are even still reminiscing their favourite moments from last year’s Isle of Wight Festival…