Briddlesford Lodge Farm of Wootton is celebrating the 18th annual World School Milk Day by visiting pupils at Queensgate Foundation Primary School this morning (Wednesday).

Briddlesford Lodge Farm was joined by the National Farmers Union (NFU) and Councillor Lora Peacey-Wilcox at the East Cowes school – to educate children on milk production and it’s health benefits.

World School Milk Day was set up by the UN, to celebrate the health benefits of milk in schools.

Judi Griffin of Briddlesford Farm says it was especially important to go to the school this year – she’s worried about the future of milk in schools when the UK leaves the EU:

“There has been an EU subsidy which will assist schools to provide milk for children because it’s well known that milk is beneficial for children for health and growth. The UK Government at the moment agreed that subsidy can remain in place until 2020 – after that it goes. The UK Government has to match fund the EU subsidy – which is worth  about £22 million to dairy farmers.”

NFU Chairman and Isle of Wight farmer, Matt Legge said:

“It’s lovely to come in and see the kids and actually let them enjoy the produce. We’re lucky on the Island we’ve got some very positive farmers and a very diverse range of farming.”

On dairy farming post-Brexit Matt said:

“Yes there’s some anticipation and nerves about what’s gonna happen. But there are opportunities that are gonna come from that – and we’ve got the guys out there that are gonna make the most of it and carry on farming.”