Medina Way northbound. No right turn?

New arrows on roads around Newport have been causing some confusion for motorists, including on Medina Way where drivers now aren’t told about a turn right option approaching St Mary’s Roundabout.

Resurfacing work by Island Roads has been complimented by drivers, but the new road arrows have left some scratching their heads.

Approaching St Mary’s Roundabout, arrows on the left lane give options of going straight on or turning left (towards Forest Road or Hunnyhill). However, the right lane only gives an option of going straight on – meaning drivers aren’t told that is the lane to turn right towards B&Q.

Medina Way northbound. No right turn?

Meanwhile, the road arrows near to the Asda store are still be questioned by some.

St George’s Way. Straight on or left?

Approaching St George’s Roundabout, a double arrow says straight on and right. But then it changes to left turn only, with the right lane the one for drivers to go straight on towards Coppins Bridge.

St George’s Way. Left only – and right straight on?

Isle of Wight Radio has been told of several near collisions with drivers cutting in late to the right hand lane.

Isle of Wight Radio has asked Island Roads and the council for a comment.