Gary and Rachel Stafford, Danyl Johnson, Rosemary and Jeffrey Burnett

Two Niton residents are celebrating winning tens of thousands of pounds on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

It was double the luck for the winning family as Rachel Stafford landed £30,000, while her step-dad Jeffrey Burnett, who lives with her mum next-door, scooped £60,000 thanks to paying with two tickets.

Jeffrey, 68, worked for the merchant navy before retiring eight years ago. He said the win has come at the perfect time for him and his wife Rosemary:

“We were starting to plough through our retirement funds having taken a few foreign holidays, so this will mean we can still have a comfortable retirement without worrying about our finances too much.

“We’re going to bank half and then treat ourselves to some bits and bobs that we’d have otherwise had to save for – we’re going to upgrade the car, do a bit of work on the house, and give some to my daughter who lives up in Edinburgh.”

Rachel, 43, signed up to play after Jeffrey had received a couple of £20 wins. She said:

“I’d been thinking about signing up, and when Jeffrey told me he’d had a few wins I thought there was no reason not to give it a shot. I knew if I didn’t win, it was still giving money to charity.

“My brother is getting married in Cambodia next year, so this will cover the flights there, and we might do a family cruise in the next couple of years too.”

Rachel and her husband Gary run a souvenir and gift shop, Xanadu, in Ventnor.

Danyl Johnson, People’s Postcode Lottery Ambassador, said:

“I am delighted to have met Jeffrey and Rachel and presented them with their cheques. What an exciting day for the family! I hope they enjoy spending their winnings.”

A minimum of 31% of ticket sales goes directly to charities and players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £237 million to date for good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

A cause local to the lucky winners which has received support from players is the Island 2000 Trust. The charity was awarded £20,000 last year to promote environmental conservation on the Isle of Wight.