The Isle of Wight’s Literary Festival is returning to Northwood House today (Thursday), as it celebrates it’s 6th year.

This year’s festival runs from today (Thursday) until Sunday (15). It features a host of famous authors, journalists and and poets – from broadcaster, Andrew Marr, to screenwriter, Daisy Coulam.

Daisy Coulam grew up and went to school on the Isle of Wight before hitting the big screen and writing for shows like Holby City, Eastenders – and of course the hit drama Granchester.

Author and screenwriter, Daisy Coulam

She says she’s excited to be coming back for the festival:

“I’m really excited to be coming to the festival – I sort of heard about it on the grapevine and it gets a lot of big names, so being asked was very pleasing. Having grown up on the Island so it feels a bit like coming home really.”

And says there’s lots of reasons to go along:

“There will be lots of never-seen pictures of James Norton – and pictures of Dickens the puppy. I’ll be trying to give out as many secrets of the trade that I know – and also a few behind the scenes secrets from the show for fans of the show.”


Also at the festival is author, Elizabeth Buchan, who will be talking about her novel The New Mrs Clifton – and Jane Austen and modern marriage.

Author, Elizabeth Buchan

Elizabeth told Isle of Wight Radio:

“I love the Isle of Wight – I’ve come down for the festival before and loved the audiences, and the wonderful house that it’s held in. I hope people will come down to hear about how we write these days – find out how we aim as writers to entrap you in a story that will absorb you, nourish you, entertain you, make you laugh or even cry.”

On the success of the festival, Programme Director, Anthea Parker said:

“It’s all about making yourself known and making yourself known and making it an attractive venue to come to. We try very hard to make sure everyone has a good time – so that they go away and tell people that they’ve had a great time.”

The Isle of Wight Literary events also return for the 3rd year going.

You can see the full programme here.