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Briddlesford Lodge Farm says it has done ‘everything it can’ to prevent further cases of E.coli.

The farm has released a statement after Public Health England reported an outbreak of E.coli which has left three people in hospital.

Public Health England said there have been four confirmed cases of E.coli O157 and an additional three cases of HUS linked to this outbreak. All four cases of E.coli O157 have made a good recovery and the three cases with HUS are in hospital and receiving treatment.

The Isle of Wight Council’s environmental health department has been working closely with the farm, who have co-operated fully, to ensure that the affected raw milk has not entered the sales chain since Monday 25 September 2017.

The full statement from Briddlesford Lodge Farm reads:

“There have been several cases of the e.coli 0157 infection recently, and Briddlesford has been identified as the likely source of the infection.

“E.coli is not present in pasteurised milk, but there has always been a risk that it can be present in raw milk. We have removed raw milk from sale at our farm.

“We have always closely followed local authority and food standards agency guidance on minimising this type of risk, and we have also put extra controls in place as soon as we were notified of a potential problem.

“We are still working very closely with environmental health officers and we believe we have now done everything we can to prevent further cases.

“We are especially concerned about the well-being of those affected by this bug, and we wish them and their families every good fortune at this terrible time. We want families to enjoy learning about the farm and we are saddened to think that something has gone so wrong.

“Our pasteurised milk is a safe product to drink and meets all quality and hygiene standards.”