Firefighters in St.Thomas Street, Ryde

Firefighters have been called to a report of a strong ‘chemical smell’ in Ryde this afternoon (Thursday).

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Three appliances – two from Ryde and one from Newport, along with the Rescue Tender, have been called to a solicitors in St.Thomas Street.

The alarm was raised just after 3.30pm.

Southern Vectis said its Route 9 is affected.

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*UPDATED 4.20pm

*The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service has also been called to the incident.

**UPDATED 4.50pm

**An Ambulance Service spokesperson said:

“We can confirm we are attending a chemical incident in St Thomas Street in Ryde.

“Two ambulances are on scene with Operational Officers and Tactical Commanders.

“We were initially told of two casualties, but are assessing five people at the scene. No-one has been brought to St Mary’s Hospital at this stage.”