Credit: Isle of Wight NHS Trust

A service that takes Isle of Wight cancer patients to Mainland-based treatment will now be able to continue running until January, say Wessex Cancer Trust.

As previously reported by Isle of Wight Radio, the service linking the hovercraft to Queen Alexandra Hospital was due to stop running on Friday (10 November).

But the charity say a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has given enough money to keep the service going into the new year.

Wessex Cancer Group said:

“We are pleased that thanks to the efforts of a donor, who at the moment would like to remain anonymous, we have secured funding for the Portsmouth transport service until January 2018.

This is such a relief and means we do not need to stop the service this month as previously feared. Of course we still need to make the bus sustainable beyond January, and we are working with a variety of sponsors and supporters to make this possible.”

An appeal page has been set up for donations.