The lorry is loaded with boxes of shoeboxes.

They have been filled on the Isle of Wight and are being sent with love to Eastern Europe.

The Rotary Club on the Isle of Wight has been packing its boxes onto a lorry, provided by Steve Porter Transport today (Thursday), for stage one of their journey to Moldova, Montenegro, Albania and Romania.

Around 2,500 shoe-boxes have been collected on the Isle of Wight, say organisers.

The Rotary Club’s annual appeal sees Islanders filling decorated boxes with items for (mainly) youngsters in need, in some of the poorest parts of Europe.

Julie Hoskyns, President of Ventnor Rotary Club, told Isle of Wight Radio:


“We’ve received shoe-boxes from schools and organisations across the Island. They’ve been placed in outer boxes. Each box has been weighed and labelled and placed on the lorry.

“It will go to Andover, which is our central hub for our district. We’re not sure which country it’ll go to, but it’ll be Moldova, Montenegro, Albania or Romania.

“The individual shoe-boxes get handed out to children at collection points. It’s amazing. [It’s] just the fact that somebody cares about them. A lot of children…put cards in – something nice saying, ‘I hope you have a nice Christmas.’

“The knitters have knitted lots of things…everyone’s been fantastic.”

Shoe-boxes before they are loaded outside Newport, Isle of Wight