Credit: Jon Platt - Parents UNION

An Isle of Wight mum of triplets has had her shopping trips made easier after being given a specially made trolley.

Staff at the Sainsbury’s store in Newport provided Tori Stratton a trolley to seat the three children.

As Isle of Wight Radio reported earlier this year (2017), they are the first triplets born to Island parents in more than a decade.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said the store is happy to help:

“We’re delighted Tori is happy with the trolley we designed for her and her triplets. We want to be the most inclusive retailer and we’re always looking at new ways to make our customers feel welcome when they shop with us.

“Sainsbury’s has a range of trolleys to meet our customers’ needs, but we know that everyone is different. We welcome feedback from all our customers and will do all we can to give them the best possible shopping experience.”

A Facebook post about the store’s new addition has prompted positive comments:

“Well done Sainsbury’s for giving this lovely mum better access to their store.”

“Love this trolley! Is a great help for me with 3 under 3! Other supermarkets should think of these ideas too.”

“Well done Sainsbury’s, excellent customer service.”

“Sainsbury’s are very clever to realise that if you’ve got that many kids, you’re going to need to buy a lot of shopping!!”

“That’s brilliant! I have triplets and that would have been great!”