Cancer support groups met with the Isle of Wight’s MP and NHS Trust yesterday (Thursday) to secure the future of a vital transport link for patients.

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As reported by Isle of Wight Radio the service linking the hovercraft to Queen Alexandra hospital was due to be stopped today (Friday)

It was announced at a meeting at Ryde’s Hover Travel that after a series of anonymous donations Wessex Cancer Trust’s ‘Daisy Bus’ will now be able to continue running until spring 2018.

Each year the bus provides over 8,000 passenger journeys for cancer patients from the Island.

Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely said it’s important to make sure the service stays:

“If you are going to Portsmouth for cancer treatment the last thing you need is to pay £20 for a taxi or to sit on a regular bus route. It’s difficult enough getting the ferry anyway. We’re trying to keep as many services on the island as possible but realistically these increased specialised services are going to be in Portsmouth an Southampton, unfortunately.”

Listen: Full interview with Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely.

Head of fundraing for Wessex Cancer Trust, Sofie Bennett, said:

“It’s just brilliant. I think it shows the generosity of the Isle of Wight people. We’re really really pleased that everyone’s getting behind us and very very grateful.”

Listen: Full interview with Wessex Cancer Trust’s Sofie Bennett.

Hover Travel’s managing director, Neil Chapman, said:

“There are also several other options for longer-term funding including Hovertravel donating 10% of its current NHS fare. We have all agreed to meet again in the New Year to continue to progress how we can identify a sustainable source of funding for this most important service .”

Listen: Full interview with Hover Travel managing director, Neil Chapman.