Isle of Wight Age UK launches its free new ‘Living Well Service’ today (Monday).

The charity’s new service is designed to support people aged 18 and over on the Isle of Wight who don’t meet the eligibility criteria to receive adult social care services.

It says its ‘holistic’ approach aims to empower people to take positive steps to manage their own health and well-being.

It’s made up of four different services which involve working alongside Newport’s St Mary’s Hospital, Carers Isle of Wight, The Way Forward and People Matter IW. The services include support officers visiting people’s home to create action plans, offering help on housing for people with learning disabilities and creating a carers lounge at St Mary’s Hospital.

Living Well Programme Manager, Charlotte Price said:

“I’m really excited about the Living Well Approach and the opportunity to improve the
experience and quality of preventative support for local people. This integrated way of
working between the voluntary and statutory sector has been proven to have positive

Charlotte continued:

“This dedicated early support and guidance function is a new approach
to working on the Isle of Wight, which recognises the fantastic services being provided by
local charities and the voluntary sector. By utilising these services we will support the statutory sector to improve health & well-being outcomes, reduce cost pressures and deliver transformational change to the wider health and social care system.”

It’s funded by the Isle of Wight Council through the Improved Better Care Fund, and the Living Well approach is delivered by four voluntary sector organisations working in partnership, Age UK Isle of Wight, Carers IW, People Matter IW and The Way Forward.

More information and help is available via Isle of Wight Age UK.