A Bembridge photographer’s photo has been chosen as an editors’ favourite in a National Geographic competition.

The Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest features work submitted by people from all over the UK, including the snapshot of the egret flying over Hersey Nature Reserve.

Sienna Anderson from Bembridge took the photo of the heron in the late afternoon in Seaview.

It’s after the photo of the heron was recently featured in The Telegraph.

Sienna has been telling Isle of Wight Radio she’s thrilled:

“My beautiful Egret in flight has only been chosen as one of the editors favourites this week in National Geographic. Over the Moon…Wow”

The 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest looks for pictures that tell the story of animals, lands and environments around the world.

The grand-prize winner will be awarded thousands of pounds and have their winning image published in an upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine.

You can see the full list of editors’ favourites here.