A convicted child rapist has complained about the price of food at the Island’s prison – HMP Isle of Wight.

Adam Marchment, who is serving ten years in prison for raping a girl of 15, has complained of being “ripped off” when he buys olive oil and tins of mackerel in jail – after conducting a price comparison survey from his cell, according to the Daily Mail.

Writing in prisoners’ magazine Inside Time, he said:

“I am really starting to get frustrated by Prison Service responses to the many prisoners complaining about our privatised, over-priced canteen system.”

The 26 year old said the website of tinned food firm Princes lists the RRP of its mackerel fillets in tomato sauce at £1.45, adding:

“DHL sell them to us for £1.75.

“I also had a comparison website checked and none of the top supermarkets had the same item at over £1.40. In fact at most supermarkets you can get 4 tins for £5.

“A bag of Nescafe coffee original 150g is £2.99, yet DHL sells this item to us for £3.99. Extra virgin olive oil is £1.99 for 500ml, but DHL sell us 250ml for the same price.”

The Daily Mail said Mr Marchment, of Farnham, Surrey, was jailed for ten years at Guildford Crown Court in April 2016 after admitting one count of sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl in September 2015 and was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in July 2014.

The Daily Mail said a Prison Service spokesperson said:

“Products sold through the prison canteen service are never higher than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.”