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Islanders trying to get petrol at a supermarket in Ryde are being ‘turned away’.

Tesco says the fuel pumps at its garage on Brading Rd are not working, down to what is a suspected ‘generator issue’.

It’s expected to be closed for the rest of the day while the supermarket attempts to fix the problem.

Traffic cones are being placed across the forecourt and staff are said to be giving advice to drivers.

It’s adding to the rush hour and traffic is building in the area. Credit: Google

Esso petrol station in Sandown is 4 miles from the Tesco store.

Islanders can also get fuel at Morrisons in Sandown, which is 6 miles away.

Another alternative is a 9-mile trip (23 minutes when traffic is flowing) to the Morrisons fuel station in Newport.