Residents Rehomed After Isle Of Wight Care Home’s Sudden Closure

Fairview Care Home on Clatterford Road

An Isle of Wight care home has suddenly closed and its residents are being rehoused after “serious failings” were identified by regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

In total, 22 residents of Fairview House on Carisbrooke’s Clatterford Road have been found immediate new placements by Isle of Wight Council staff.

The home was taken over by OakRay Care (Fairview) Limited in August. It caters for older people with conditions such as dementia.

It was rated as good by the care regulator in June this year, however the home is now listed as archived on the CQC’s website.

The Isle of Wight Council says a CQC inspection on 30 November identified a range of serious problems at the home which were putting residents at risk of harm, including unsatisfactory administration of medicine and unclean conditions.

Visits in early November identified problems. The home had responded with an action plan to improve care but the repeat inspection by CQC on 30 November revealed the absence of any progress, according to the Isle of Wight Council.

The Isle of Wight Council says the situation became so urgent that it had to hand deliver letters to residents’ relatives on Friday night and Saturday morning to notify them.

The care regulator has banned the home from admitting any new residents and has issued a notice of potential closure, which the operators can appeal.

The Isle of Wight Council’s director of adult social services, Carol Tozer, said:

“During this distressing time in finding alternative care placements, the safety and wellbeing of the frail and elderly residents of Fairview House was our top priority.

“This has been a fast-moving situation and a rapid decline in standards at this home but experienced council staff were immediately based at Fairview House to provide round the clock care and support to residents and their families, while new placements were found.

“We continued to work with the residents, their families, the Care Quality Commission and alternative care homes to find suitable accommodation as soon as was possible.

“Importantly, as residents were found new accommodation, our staff and NHS colleagues were in the home this week to ensure their needs were being met and that all procedures were being followed correctly by staff.

“We understand how distressing this situation must be for residents and their families and we have done all we can to move residents out of this home as smoothly and as sensitively as possible. The urgency to move residents meant that we did have to hand deliver letters on Friday night and Saturday morning to relatives’ home addresses notifying them of the situation.

“All residents have now moved out of Fairview and we will be checking up on their welfare very regularly over these next few weeks.”

Isle of Wight Radio is attempting to contact OakRay Care (Fairview) for a comment.