Some of the most elaborate excuses given to a team of fundraisers by members of the public who were keen to avoid giving this year, have been revealed.

Personal Fundraising Services (PFS), which is based in Fareham, Hampshire, is a face-to-face fundraising agency. They are celebrating the year’s end by sharing their favourite excuses encountered during fundraising campaigns around the country in 2017.

PFS’s favourite 5 excuses received this year were:

  • “I haven’t got time to sign up now, the dog is alone in the kitchen and I’m worried he might be playing with matches.”
  • “Sorry, I only give when my girlfriend is around so she thinks I’m generous.”
  • “I can’t give to charity as it’s against my religion – I’m a Jedi.”
  • “Sorry I won’t give my details out. How do I know you’re not a Russian spy?”
  • “I would love to donate but charity begins at home and this isn’t my house so I can’t help you.”

Vaughan Thomas, Managing Director for PFS, said:

“As December draws to a close we always use this time to look back on the past twelve months and take stock of what we have achieved.

“While we were at it, we thought it would be a chance to get into the festive spirit by sharing some of the more inventive reasons heard for why people aren’t able to give.

“It’s great fun to share some of the most imaginative reasons for not giving we’ve heard this past year, but it’s also an important opportunity to point out that people shouldn’t feel under any obligation to give.”