Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely.

The Isle of Wight MP says he wants radar defence technology to be safeguarded in Cowes for the next 50 years.

Bob Seely made the comment whilst speaking at a defence debate in Parliament yesterday.

He said:

“As well as having ship-building as a core and strategic industry, we need to keep that radar capacity in my constituency and others as well and we need radar demonstrators to make sure we continue the development of radar in this country for those ships for the next fifty years.”

Bob Seely was speaking to Glasgow MP, Paul Sweeney, who agreed with the points he made, saying it was “critical”.

The Isle of Wight MP Also said he’s pushing for a meeting with the defence minister to discuss the need for a “complex radar technology demonstrator”.

The BAE radar factory in Cowes produces all the radars for the carriers and the Type 45 destroyers.

WATCH: Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely speaking at yesterday’s defence debate.