An image revealing details of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone has leaked online.

The authenticity of an image of the Galaxy S9 box has not been confirmed by Samsung, which did not respond to enquiries, but appears to be real.

It suggests that Samsung has continued to invest in its camera technology, while the phone itself remains the same size as the previous generation.

The S9 is set to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, when Samsung will also announce its sales date.

Just like the S8, the S9 measures 5.8in (146.5mm) from corner to corner – the standard method for measuring rectangular smartphones.

It uses the same crisp Super AMOLED display which appeared on the S8 with a 2960 x 1440 pixel display, with 570 pixels per inch.

Where the Galaxy S9 is really due to stand-out, however, is in its cameras, where rumours suggest the premium S9+ model will break records.

The front selfie camera remains the same power as the S8’s at 8MP, but the S9’s rear 12MP camera has a variable aperture of between f/1.5 and f/2.4, allowing for incredibly rich depth-of-field shots.

The phone is also going to allow enhanced slow motion video capture, something which the S8 was criticised for underwhelming consumers with.

Wireless charging will also be available for the S9, something which Apple recently introduced with its iPhone 8.

Wireless charging uses a pad which transmits power to the device using an electromagnetic field.

Samsung’s wireless charging technology is much stronger than Apple’s, which is limited to 7.5 watts – half of the strength that the Android smartphone’s users can enjoy.

(c) Sky News 2018: Details of Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 leaked