Credit: Cowes Chiropractic Clinic

A defibrillator has been taken from a clinic in Cowes.

Staff at Cowes Chiropractic Clinic on Birmingham Road say they’re “dismayed” to find that the defibrillator, located on the wall outside the clinic, was taken at some point during last weekend.

The defibrillator which is missing looks like the photo below:

Head of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s Ambulance Training and Community Response, Louise Walker says she’s very disappointed:

“As an Ambulance Service we and our Defibrillator Guardians work extremely hard to ensure these life saving devices are in place, should someone suffer a sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

If an unconscious casualty’s heart goes into a shockable rhythm their chance of survival with CPR alone can be less the 7%. However if a defibrillator is there within the first three minutes, their chance of survival can increase in some cases to as much as 74%.

“If you know who has taken it, please ask them to return it to its outside wall box so it can once again be available for all the community.”

They’re asking Islanders to keep an eye out for it and to call them if it’s found.

If you know where it may be, you’re being asked to call the clinic on (01983) 282 810 or depending on the circumstances, to contact the police on 101.