Supermarket chain Aldi has recalled 38,000 packs of frozen mixed vegetables after a woman said she found half a rat inside one.

Pat Bateman, 60, was putting the bag of veg back in the freezer after making lunch for her two-year-old granddaughter when she noticed something was “out of place”.

She said:

“It was nearly empty so that’s why I spotted something that looked out of place in the bottom of the bag.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pulled it out. It just looked like half a rat. It had fur on it.

“I showed my husband and because it was frozen we left it to defrost before taking another look at it.”

Mrs Bateman added:

 “We had eaten almost all of the bag before we saw it – and what’s even worse… I fed it to my youngest granddaughter.”

She returned the bag to her local store in Liskeard, Cornwall, and was given £30 off her next shop.

But Mr Bateman then contacted Aldi’s head office in Germany, which offered her £500 compensation.

Aldi has two stores on the Isle of Wight in Lake and Cowes.

In a statement, Aldi said they had stopped selling the product, supplied by Agrifreeze in Belgium, to prevent any further issues.

“We have suspended all orders from this production site whilst we investigate this matter.”