A college has apologised after GCSE students were sent a letter telling them they wouldn’t be entered into GCSE examinations.

Last Monday (5), students at the Isle of Wight College received a document regarding the upcoming exams in May and June.

According to the College, there were two separate letters. One was confirming their entry to sit the exam and the other addressed to those who wouldn’t be entered.

However, students who were set to take the exam were also sent a letter saying they would not be entered.

The “administrative error” has been causing confusion and stress among Isle of Wight students and parents.

Staff at the college claim as soon as they realised the mistake, a follow-up letter was sent immediately to apologise.

The College says it wants to “sincerely apologise” to parents and students for the error that has “led to confusion, anxiety and concern” about the students’ entry to GCSE Maths exams this summer:

“We can assure all parents and students that the deadline for entries is not imminent and there is no risk of an appropriate entry not being made.

Once again, we apologise sincerely for the error in posting out duplicate letters and can assure you that we can, and will be able to, resolve any query you have.”

The Isle of Wight College says it has since sent an additional letter to all who were affected but anyone with any concerns should call (01983) 535210.