Still from video by 'urban explorers – Abandoned Isle of Wight'

Campaigners fighting to save Ryde Arena are describing recently filmed interior footage as “disturbing” and “heartbreaking”.

As reported by Isle of Wight Radio, a new video was released, showing how the empty building currently looks inside.

It’s been more than a year since landlords AEW UK called in the bailiffs, changed the locks and prevented the community from using it.

For Cameron Palin, the arena has been a part of his life since he was just a few weeks’ old when his family took him to watch his father playing ice-hockey. Since it closed, he’s been campaigning to save it.

He says it was hard to watch the footage:

“It’s very disturbing how AEW has let the building fall apart. Members of the group which is trying to get the ice ring back saw this and we’re heartbroken. The building is in such a state. We’re going to try to speak to the council about it.”

He says he wants AEW to reconsider and won’t give up trying to save the arena:

“They don’t seem to care about how they’re ruining skaters’ dreams but we’re going to persist with our fight in trying to get Ryde Arena re-opened.

“We’re not going to stop until we either get that ice rink back, or we get another one.”

Isle of Wight Radio has asked AEW UK for a response.