“We’re Getting There”: Challenging Atlantic Row For Isle Of Wight Born Brothers

The Ocean Brothers have about 800 miles to go

Two Isle of Wight-born brothers are one month into their challenge to row across the Atlantic unsupported and they are battling on, despite broken life-preserving kit.

Scroll down to hear from the brothers on their tiny boat…

(c) Facebook: Ocean Brothers. Jude Massey and Greg Bailey.

Greg Bailey and Jude Massey, who call themselves the Ocean Brothers, are rowing in memory of Jude’s dad Peter and they are raising awareness of the damage that the sun’s UV rays can cause. Support their fundraising efforts HERE.

Peter Massey, Jude’s dad

The pair are battling a number of challenges including broken navigation, which means they are having to use a compass; and a broken water maker, which means they are spending 5 hours each day hand-pumping supplies to stay alive.

Greg Bailey told Isle of Wight Radio:

“We row with one hand, steer with the other.

“We’ve had to hand pump water for five hours a day since the end of the first week.

“It’s become normal now but there were many, many tears…break downs…we’re getting there.”

Hear Greg Bailey speaking to Isle of Wight Radio’s Jamie White, via a satellite phone from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: