The Isle of Wight-born Ocean Brothers have successfully completed the mammoth challenge of rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

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After 53 days at sea, step brothers Jude Massey and Greg Bailey arrived on the shores of Barbados at around 9.30pm, welcomed by cheering crowds of family and friends.

The pair have raised more than £82,000 for the British Skin Foundation, in memory of their father and step-father Peter Massey.

The step-brothers took to Facebook to say:

“The arrival was just incredible. Absorbing the energy from the crowds when we stepped off onto the pontoon in Barbados was incredible. Feeling the land moving underneath our feet was an adjustment, we had to hold each other up to stop us from falling us into the water… Just thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey.”

“It has been a wild ride, but to be sat here in Barbados, sipping on a ice cold drink and looking into the ocean’s horizon and looking back on our experience is euphoric – and worth the pain. We’ve raised over £82k for the British Skin Foundation thanks to you. Thank you.”

Watch the Ocean Brothers make their grand arrival on the shores of Barbados. 

You can also watch the video in full here.