Hospital Move For Isle Of Wight Woman In Bulgarian Ski Accident

From a video about Samokov Hospital, Jacqui says she is in a bed like this.

An Isle of Wight woman, being treated in hospital in Bulgaria after a skiing accident last week, says she has now been moved to a new location.

As Isle of Wight Radio reported, Jacqui Skeel took to social media for ask for help to escape what she called an “insanitary” and “filthy” hospital in the Eastern European country, where she had been treated for a broken pelvis for five nights.

She tweeted a video of the conditions in the facility, around an hour and twenty minutes from the capital city. She told Isle of Wight Radio that her insurance company had been too slow to act and that she did not know when she would be brought back to the Isle of Wight.

In an update to Jacqui’s plight, she has now been moved to private facilities by her insurer and will be transferred to the UK later this week.

Alpha Travel Insurance, via its TFI Group Press Office, says it remains in regular contact with Miss Skeel.