Newport Bus Station

Islanders will need to catch buses from different stands soon as a new layout for Newport’s bus station is revealed.

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Southern Vectis says it’s moving the busiest routes to more spacious stands for a “better and safer experience.”

The changes are expected to come into force from Sunday 25 March. In summary, they are:

Route 1 will move to Stand A (near Next)

Southern Vectis says Route 1 into Cowes is one of its busiest routes and this service will now depart from Stand A. The bus to Cowes will no longer leave from the centre island (Stand D).

Routes 7, 12 and 38 will move to Stand B

Island passengers travelling to Carisbrooke or Alum Bay on Routes 7, 12 and 38 will now do so from Stand B which is to the left of the travel shop. This stand will no longer serve Route 9 to Ryde.

Routes 2, 3, 6, 8 and 39 will move to Stand C

To catch the bus towards the south-east of the Island (Sandown, Lake, Shanklin, Ventnor, Blackgang) or into Newport town, you will need to wait at Stand C outside of the travel shop.

Route 5 will move to Stand D

Anyone travelling to East Cowes will need to wait at Stand D. The island in the middle of Newport Bus has been re-lettered to become the new Stand D (previously Stand E). The central Stand D will no longer serve West Cowes, only East Cowes.

Route 9 will move to Stand E

Southern Vectis says Route 9 to Ryde is its busiest one. Buses will now set off from the re-lettered Stand E outside of Newport Library. The new Stand E replaces the current Stand F outside of the library.

Islanders who aren’t sure about the changes are being advised to ask Southern Vectis staff inside the Travel Shop who will help with which stand you’ll need for your journey.

Southern Vectis has released a map showing the changes: