The Cowes-East Cowes floating bridge has run aground today (Saturday).

The service did not return until after 8pm, around five hours after it became stuck.

It left passengers on both sides of the River Medina with a 50 minute wait for the replacement pedestrian launch and has led to an Isle of Wight councillor describing the service as “catastrophic”.

The service is currently suspended and is aground on the East Cowes slipway.

The boat was loaded on the East Cowes side, but motorists were then asked to disembark.

Councillor Karl Love, who represents East Cowes, told Isle of Wight Radio that he is angry the authority’s leaders are claiming the service is running well:

“I’m gobsmacked. A beautiful blue sky. We should be having tourists pouring across the river to shop on both sides.

“Only at Thursday night’s meeting we had Cllr Ian Ward and Council Leader Dave Stewart saying it’s a reliable service. Back to normal. Here we are again. It shows you how and why people have got no confidence in it.

“We still have cars that scrape, cant get off on a straight line, a restricted service at night affecting our night-time economy. It’s been catastrophic. You can’t call it anything else.”