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She has been spotted sailing past the Isle of Wight into Portsmouth several times in recent months.

Now, HMS Queen Elizabeth – the largest and most advanced warship ever constructed in Britain – will feature in a BBC documentary.

This three-part series follows the aircraft carrier as she is taken to sea for the first time on gruelling sea trials that push ship and crew to the limit.

The first of three episodes will include construction in the building yard to the rigorous trials in which everything is tested for the first time in Scotland.

HMS Queen Elizabeth sails into Portsmouth. Credit:

Filmmaker Chris Terrill goes behind the scenes with men and women on board who are learning all about the warship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth draws attention each time she sails in the Solent, past the Island, into her home at Portsmouth Dockyard.

HMS Queen Elizabeth. Credit: HM Naval Base Portsmouth

The first programme is on BBC Two on Sunday (15) at 8pm.