East Cowes man Josh Barry and his team of friends and carers have successfully conquered Pen Y Fan.

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30-year-old Josh suffers from Athetoid cerebral palsy, and receives constant care at his home but that hasn’t stopped him from scaling South Wales’ highest peak on Saturday (5).

The Pen Y Fan Team completed the challenge in just 2 hours and 23 minutes – an hour faster than predicted.

They have managed to more than double their fundraising total, raising £1925 online and collecting more than £600 in cash donations, all for children’s charity Brainwave.

Josh said:

“I just can’t believe I’ve done it. Even when we were approaching Pen y fan on Saturday morning I just couldn’t believe I was going to climb a mountain. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the feeling I got when I reached the top was absolutely indescribable! I never thought I would ever conquer a mountain…but now I have and it feels great.”

“On one occasion around three quarters up, I lost my footing when I couldn’t get used to a particular walker. I thought that was it, I was knackered and a little shaken up. Yet when Ben took over it gave me that extra confidence in which to complete it.”

Josh’s carer and friend Ben Turner said:

“It was an incredible success. Josh was absolutely inspirational and the team just came together collectively. It was incredible. It was very emotional at the top, there was applause and people cheering and crying. I want to thank Josh for even taking this on, and for achieving it the way he did, he was so sublime.”

WATCH: Josh Barry as he reaches the top of Pen Y Fan.

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