Mental Health Commitment Called For By Isle Of Wight Councillor


A councillor will address what he says is a “substandard and inadequate service” for Islanders battling mental health problems.

Michael Lilley, for Ryde East, wants the Isle of Wight Council to reaffirm its commitment to the aims and objectives of the Local Authority Mental Health Challenge, which it signed up to in 2017.

Councillor Lilley (Independent Green) is expected to tell members that the issue needs to be highlighted until,

“…there is clear improvement of mental health services on the Isle of Wight, a significant reduction in suicides, suicide attempts and the numbers of children and adults attending secondary mental health services, and the Quality Care Commission judges IW Mental Health services to be outstanding and not deemed inadequate.

“Although there is an acknowledgement there has been movement in the right direction of change, Island residents who are experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are still receiving a substandard and deemed inadequate service from the public sector.”