Ryde Rescue. Credit: David Peter Robinson

The crew of Ryde Rescue and staff at Hovertravel came to the rescue of a yacht in difficulty today (Wednesday).

The crew said it was paged at 1pm to reports of a yacht adrift of Ryde Harbour, suffering with engine failure.

When the lifeboat arrived on scene, the vessel was against the sea wall between Hovertravel slipway and Ryde Pier.

Ryde Rescue said Hovertravel employees had secured the vessel to the wall and a crew member was aboard.

A Ryde Rescue spokesperson said:

“We took the boat under tow off the wall in a stern tow and took her towards Ryde Harbour, where we then took her back to her berth. We were met by the Coastguard shore units to assist in securing the boat back on its mooring.

“The owner was unhurt but for a little shock of the situation. It was tasking no.11 and we would like to thank Hovertravel for their assistance.”