Evey Staley was 10 when she was killed by a drink-drug driver.

More than £10,000 has been handed to the Island’s primary and special schools by road safety charity Isle Drive Safe – Remember Evey, allowing it to finally close its accounts.

10-year-old Evey Staley died in 2012, when a drink drug driver crashed into the car she was in.

The charity was set up in her name.

The charity tweeted its news and thanked its supporters.

Handing 43 cheques of £237.75 to help school children here, the charity said,

“This was the final balance of our accounts and the charity has now been closed via the Charities Commission with accounts audited and verified. We are delighted to have donated this sum to the schools and have asked them to use the money to promote road safety with the children. Thank you all for your support, love and generosity.”