An Isle of Wight fossil expert has helped to produce the countries first-ever map revealing where you can find the pre-historic bones.

Working alongside hotel chain Premier Inn, Island resident Martin Simpson – otherwise known as ‘The Fossil Man’ – has created the interactive map in order to show the best places to find fossils up and down the country.

The map has also been launched to encourage young scientists to take a step back in time and discover the UK’s prehistoric past.

Images courtesy of Premier Inn.

Two of the Isle of Wight’s famous fossil hotspots – Compton Bay and Atherfield – have also featured on the list.

Fossil mussel shells, crocodile teeth and dinosaur footprints have all been previously discovered at Compton Bay. Whereas, Atherfield is known for its rare prehistoric fossil lobsters.

Courtesy of Premier Inn
Atherton Point on The Isle of Wight is a fossil hotspot.

You can find the interactive fossil finder map here as well as a full list of the sites here.