Those hoping to watch the usual Speedway show from the Isle of Wight Warriors this week will be in for a surprise.

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday) the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium will welcome back American style handicap racing.

Returning for a second-year, it’ll see 12 riders take part, each of whom are graded by their current racing average.

Riders with an average of up to 3.99 start at the tapes, riders with an average between 4.00 and 6.49 start fifteen metres back and riders with an average of 6.50 or higher start thirty metres back.

The meeting runs over 12 qualifying heats and the top eight scores on the night progress to two semi-finals from which the top two in each semi contest the Grand Final.

Last year’s winner was former Warrior James Cockle who picked his way through some last bend chaos to take the title.

Gates open at 5.30 pm at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium and tapes up at 7 pm.