Image: Cowes RNLI shows Tony Reeve, Emma Davies, Helly Hansen Cowes Store Manager, Graham White, CSA Cowes, and Richard Nichols, Helly Hansen Marketing Co-Ordinator.

A day before the Round The Island race, 24 lifejackets failed safety checks carried out by Cowes RNLI and Helly Hanson.

Of 32 lifejackets examined, two were condemned outright, because of a rusted and corroded Co2 cylinder and the difficulty of inflate the jacket’s buoyancy bladder.

Image: Cowes RNLI

Cowes RNLI’s Community Safety Officer, Tony Reeve said,

“Fourteen had out-of-date inflation systems, the worst having expired in March, 2008. Six jackets were missing crotch straps and two had no saddle clips.”

“Some may not appreciate that fabric is significantly affected by salt water. Any defects in life jackets can be revealed by them being regularly opened and inspected, and through manual inflation. Our hope is that this vital message reaches everyone who use lifejackets.”

More lifejacket clinics are planned for Cowes Classic Week (23-29 July) and Cowes Week (4–11 August).