Meghan won our logo competition.

Meghan Hunt, 10, wants to be a marine biologist when she leaves school and she knows that plastic on our beaches and in the ocean is very bad news.

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The Gatten and Lake Primary School pupil was inspired to design a logo for Isle of Wight Radio and the Isle of Wight County Press featuring marine animals looking unhappy and the words “Save Sealife – Recycle To Save”

Meghan explains why she went for that design,

“I’ve put dolphins and octopi because it’s their habitat. They’re the ones who see this everyday. They shouldn’t be seeing all the rubbish in the sea. It could kill new species before people can discover them.”

The competition was held earlier this year and was a bid to highlight the issue of using plastic, as well as its impact on the Isle of Wight. Stories about how our Island is working to tackle the problem will feature Meghan’s logo when they appear on the websites of Isle of Wight Radio and the Isle of Wight County Press.

Meghan’s design was picked from hundreds of entries by a number of judges, including co-founder of the Isle of Wight-based eco-friendly clothing firm Rapanui. Co-founder Rob Drake-Knight said,

“We felt this design perfectly encapsulates the issue with plastic pollution. The consequences of not changing our approach to the plastic problem but more prominently what we can do to help solve this issuer. It’s very inspiring that someone so young has the awareness and perception of the impact plastic is having on our environment.”

Rapanui made Meghan’s design into an eye-catching t-shirt!

Revealed as a winner at Tuesday’s school assembly, Meghan says the beach is crucial to Shanklin,

“It’s very important to our community. People go there daily – especially in summer. They don’t want to see all this rubbish.”

Meghan’s win came as a surprise to mum Sharon who said,

“We’ve only been here 10 months. The beach is new to Meghan. She’s not been able to go on the beach every day like she does here now. She’s become a little mermaid. She adores the beach. She’s pro-active in picking up rubbish and looking after it.”

Dad Nigel says the family is very eco-conscious and he’s delighted she’s following in their footsteps,

“We own a small guesthouse. We’re trying to go down that route. We’re so proud of our daughter for following it.”   


And Meghan’s message to people on the Isle of Wight is simple

“Clean up after yourself, because nobody else will.”

Here’s the moment Meghan got her prize in assembly….