The Isle of Wight Council has done a u-turn on the provision of one-way passes for children using dedicated school bus services. It has agreed to offer AM or PM passes after all, following outcry over a huge price hike from September.

As Isle of Radio reported last week, getting to school is about to become twice as expensive as it was three years ago, for hundreds of families. In addition, the Isle of Wight Council had announced plans to force parents to buy only a return seat, meaning parents would not be able to drop-off or pick-up their children.

The local authority has now emailed parents to say it has changed its mind. Councillor Paul Brading, who heads up Children’s Services and Education, said:

“I am pleased to announce that after speaking to parents, and considering emails I’ve received, I have instructed officers to re-instate the privilege bus option for AM/PM passes for the coming year.

“Thank you to everyone for taking the trouble to raise this important issue with me, and I hope parents can now make the choice they want.”

The Isle of Wight Council says one-way seats will be available for children not eligible for free transport and outside their school’s catchment area. Prices will be:

Up to a full term £130.00
Up to half term £65.00
Up to a full term AM or PM only £65.00
Up to half term AM or PM only £32.50

Prices are still set to jump 100% since 2015, however.