Explosion: “Sorry” Wightlink Makes Changes After Fire

Credit: Oscar Johns / Shutterstock.com

Wightlink says it will not be doing interviews after debris left in the engine of a ferry after a rebuild was found to be the most probable cause of an explosion, but the cross-Solent firm has released a statement.

A crew member was “momentarily engulfed in a ball of fire and experienced intense pain”, according to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch and was later diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

The explosion happened just five hours after work was carried out on the engine. As Isle of Wight Radio has reported today (Thursday), a report has just been published.

Welcoming the MAIB report, Wightlink says it no longer rebuilds or loads engines on board,

“We are sorry our engineering colleague on board Wight Sky was badly injured in September 2017 and are doing our best to support him in his ongoing recovery.

“Immediately after the incident, we agreed with our supplier RKM that major engine rebuilds and the complete loading of engines will take place at its workshops rather than onboard our ships.”

Isle of Wight Radio reported on the incident in September, which led to cancelled sailings on the Yarmouth-Lymington route. We were told at the time that an injured crew member had been discharged from hospital hours after the incident.