Founder Dominic Wong with the BoRo Beach Bike

A brand-new 17-seater bike experience will roll into Ryde today (Sunday).

The so-called BoRo Beach Bike is completely eco-friendly and is designed to get people chatting, collaborating and making friends with each other.

Riders sit face-to-face across a table and travel sideways. They can pedal hands-free, allowing them to sip drinks, play games, write, draw and shake hands.

The bike also offers people the chance to take part in a range of themed rides, including speed dating.

But how does it compare to Ryde seafront’s last quirky mode of transport – the Dotto Train?

Founder of the BoRo, Dominic Wong, says it’s much more eco-friendly:

“It’s pedal powered. All of our merchandise and clothing is made by Freshwater fashion brand Rapanui. We do free litter picking sessions one a month where we go along to the promenade and get off every so often to do two-minute beach cleans. We also sell canned ethical water so it’s recyclable and resealable.”

You can experience what it’s like to ride the BoRo, below:

Tickets for the ride can be bought, here.