If you look up at the Island’s skies tonight (Friday) you may be treated to a view of the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

When the moon rises this evening it will line up with the Earth and sun, making it appear red in colour, creating what is known as a ‘blood moon’.

It will rise at 8.45pm, with the full eclipse occurring at around 9.20pm, and the moon setting at 4.50am according to Chairman of the Vectis Astronomical Society Bryn Jones

Bryn says the best places to see the moon rise will be along the Isle of Wight’s coast from Ryde round to Bembridge, and the south of the Island.

He added:

“It will then rise over the sky and past the south, so the further on the Island you are towards the south you’ll have a low horizon and should be able to see it, until it sets in the west in the early morning.”

If you snap any pictures of the blood moon we’d love to see them. Send them in to [email protected]